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This is from the "pink copy" (third draft) of the "Ascension" script. It's definitely different from the final, aired version. Notably, the script states clearly that Krycek is trying to kill Mulder by starting the tram when he's outside it. Krycek is supposed to be furious that Mulder doesn't fall off. This is not how it looks on screen, by any stretch of the imagination...

Also in this script is a scene where Mulder, Krycek, and Skinner confront each other. I don't know if this is *the* big scene Nick has spoken of in various interviews, but it's definitely not in the aired version. In this version, Mulder goes to see X when he should be taking his lie detector test. He doesn't borrow Krycek's car. Instead, Krycek follows him. The action starts outside the building where Mulder has just met with X...


Mulder isn't sure where to go next. As he moves down the sidewalk, he's startled by a HONKING HORN. Mulder turns to see ---

KRYCEK, driving up. He gestures for Mulder to get into the car. Mulder comes around to the open passenger window.

KRYCEK: "C'mon, Mulder, get in."

Mulder, fueled by X's warning, now eyes Krycek with some suspicion.

MULDER: "How'd you find me?"

KRYCEK: "I saw you leave the building. Skinner heard you took off and went ballistic. He wants you back there now."

Mulder hesitates.

KRYCEK: "C'mon, let's go."

After a tense beat, Mulder opens the door and climbs inside. Krycek takes off driving. Mulder, ultra paranoid, secretly notices --


Mulder realizes it's the same filterless brand as those smoked by the Cigarette Smoking Man. Mulder makes the connection between Krycek and all the strange things that have transpired.

Off Krycek's curious look, we hear --

SKINNER'S VOICE (O.S.): "He's a spy?"


Mulder controls his anger. Krycek's expression reveals nothing. Skinner appears worried that Mulder had finally gone over the edge.

MULDER: "He was the last one with Duane Barry before he died."

Skinner looks to Krycek, who turns to Mulder.

KRYCEK: "Bruises from your hands were around his neck. And you ordered me out of that room. Maybe I could have saved him."

MULDER: "Saved him? You poisoned him."

SKINNER (presses on): "Do you have any hard evidence against Agent Krycek?"

MULDER: "No, Sir." (off Skinner's incredulous look) "But there's a web of circumstantial evidence that he conspired to thwart my search for Agent Scully."

SKINNER: "How are you getting this?"

MULDER: "He stopped the tram before I could get to her."

KRYCEK: "An electrical short shut it down for a few minutes."

MULDER: "No, you shut it down after hitting the night watchman."

Krycek doesn't react.

SKINNER (to Mulder): "The watchman told you this?"

MULDER: "No -- he's in critical condition. I just got off the phone with his work. They found him bleeding to death in the engine room this morning."

KRYCEK: "You're the one who flashed your gun at him."

SKINNER: "You threatened the night watchman, too?"

MULDER: "Agent Krycek was the last person seen with him before his injury."

KRYCEK: "He obviously fell or got hurt after I left."

MULDER: "He was with you in the control room?"

KRYCEK: "That's right."

MULDER: "Then why'd you let him almost kill me?"

SKINNER: "What the hell are you talking about, Agent Mulder?"

MULDER: "I climbed on top of the tram after it stopped near the upper tower. They would have seen me on the TV monitor." (To Krycek) "If he was there, why did he start the tram? And why didn't you stop him?"

Skinner looks curiously at Krycek for a response.

KRYCEK: "We didn't see you on the monitor."

Skinner looks at Krycek, unconvinced by his lame explanation.

MULDER: "No, you saw me, and you tried to kill me."

Skinner begins to get drawn into Mulder's conspiracy theory.

SKINNER: "Why go through all this trouble?"

MULDER: "Ask him -- "

Mulder tosses the filterless cigarette butt on Skinner's desk. Skinner recognizes it as the brand of the Cigarette Smoking Man.

MULDER: "Maybe he'll tell you what Scully and I were getting close he had the Bureau shut down the X-Files."

A disturbed Skinner picks up the cigarette butt.

SKINNER: "Where'd you find this?"

MULDER: "Krycek's car."

Skinner, disturbed, glances at Krycek.

SKINNER: "What the hell was he doing with you?"

Skinner's private line rings. Pissed, he picks it up.

SKINNER: "Hello?"


The Cigarette Smoking Man is on the phone. A small desk lamp carves out his features in the shadows. Smokes swirls up into the light.

C.S. MAN: "Skinner?"


Skinner subtly tenses hearing his voice. Mulder senses this and leans closer to Skinner.

MULDER: "How'd he know we were talking about him?"

Skinner shares a paranoid look with Mulder, wondering if his office is bugged. Skinner swivels his chair around to have a private but quietly heated conversation with the C.S. Man.

FEATURE MULDER AND KRYCEK sitting on their chairs, watching. Mulder glances over. Krycek's expression seems strangely calm. After a moment, Krycek suddenly stands.

MULDER: "Where are you going? Sit down."

Krycek ignores him and starts toward the door. Mulder stands and follows.

MULDER: "Krycek."

Krycek doesn't look back. Mulder grabs Krycek's arm. Krycek regards him without emotion. Mulder feels like he's looking into the eyes of a person he's never seen.

SKINNER'S VOICE: "Let him go, Agent Mulder."

Mulder turns. Skinner gestures for Mulder to release Krycek's arm. Mulder is confused.

MULDER: "He murdered Duane Barry."

SKINNER: "We'll never be able to prove it."

Mulder looks at Skinner with utter disbelief. Skinner shakes his head, resigned.

SKINNER: "Let him go."

Mulder turns on Krycek. They meet eyes for the last time. Mulder wants to kill him. Krycek looks like he couldn't care less and exits. Mulder, stunned, advances on Skinner.

MULDER: "How could you let him walk?"

SKINNER: "I told you before, Agent Mulder. We all have to answer to somebody."

MULDER: "They know where she is."

SKINNER: (nods) "The Director and I will be looking into that right now."

Skinner stands, grabs his coat, and starts for the door. He glances back at Mulder, who looks lost. Skinner appears sympathic. As a way of apology --

SKINNNER: "And I'm reopening the X-Files."

Mulder, stunned by the turn of events, takes this news without any reaction.

SKINNER: "I thought you'd be glad to get back to your work."

MULDER: "I will be when we find Scully."

Skinner turns, exits....

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