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ANNOUNCER: (Chris Carter) Previously on The X Files...

(Scenes from SCULLY's abduction (2X05, 2X06, 2X08). She is in the "white place," masked DOCTORS leaning over her, her stomach artificially inflated, the drill descending, her eyes opening in horror. Scully's line is from Requiem 7X22.)

SCULLY: I was taken by men who subjected me to medical tests which left me barren.

(Scenes from Memento Mori, 4X15. MULDER meeting the KURT CRAWFORDs and discovering the bank of stored human eggs. One of the drawers is SCULLY's.)

MULDER: What are these?

KURT CRAWFORD: Human ova—harvested during abduction.

(MULDER is holding one of the tubes containing some of SCULLY's ova.)

(From Requiem 7X22. SCULLY is lying in a hospital bed, crying, sadly happy.)

SCULLY: I'm having a hard time explaining it. I'm pregnant.


(A delivery room. A very pregnant woman, KATH, 30s, is in labour. DUFFY HASKELL, 40's, is coaching her.)

DUFFY HASKELL: You got to breathe, Kath. In and out, in and out. You're panting.

KATH: Can't we just go home and start this all over again tomorrow?

DUFFY HASKELL: You're in safe hands now.

(KATH groans loudly as the DELIVERY NURSE enters.)

DELIVERY NURSE: How are we doing, Ms. McCready?

DUFFY HASKELL: I think she's getting ready.

DELIVERY NURSE: I'll check on her dilation. If she's close, then we'll call Dr. Lev.

(The DELIVERY NURSE reaches under KATH's sheet between her legs and does something that CarriK's Husband was glad we didn't have to see up close. The unborn baby's heart monitor begins beeping oddly. Everyone looks concerned.)

KATH: What is that? What's that sound?

DELIVERY NURSE: It's the baby's heart monitor.

KATH: What's happening, Duffy? Something's happening.

(DR. LEV enters the room. He is already prepped for surgery. He types something into the computer attached to the monitor and pulls on a mask and surgical gloves.)

DR. LEV: Nurse, get the team in here for an emergency C-section.

KATH: Why? What's wrong?

DR. LEV: Baby's having some trouble. Some distress. We'll take care of it. We know what to do. You just lie back now.

(The DELIVERY NURSE begins preparing KATH's belly.)

DR. LEV: Sir, you'll have to scrub if you're going to be here.

(DUFFY HASKELL starts to leave the room.)

KATH: Duffy?

DUFFY HASKELL: It's all right. I'll be right back. Don't wait for me.

(He leaves the room with what seem like relief. The SECOND NURSE enters the room as he leaves and closes and locks the door behind him. KATH doesn't notice. Really eerie music begins.)

KATH: (panicked) Please, please, just don't let anything happen to my baby.

(Another NURSE injects the contents of a syringe into KATH's IV line.)

DR. LEV: Just lie back now. Let us do our work.

(They begin the C-section. incision. The SECOND NURSE holds a suction line for the blood.)

KATH: I can't... I can't feel anything. Something's wrong, isn't it?

DR. LEV: Lie down now, Mrs. McCready. (to SECOND NURSE) You better hit her again.

(The NURSE injects another syringe in to KATH's IV.)

KATH: Something wrong with my baby?

DR. LEV: Your baby's just fine.

(Her stomach ripples with the movement of the baby inside. The SECOND NURSE is trying to hold KATH's head down so that she can't see.)

KATH: Let me see. What is it? Is it a boy?

(DR. LEV removes the baby from her body.)

KATH: Oh, my god... Oh, my god.

(The "baby" is making weird mewling sounds. Definitely not normal. Through her drugged haze, KATH looks at its tiny deformed body in horror.)

KATH: Oh, my god, what is it? Duffy.

DR. LEV: Put her under.

KATH: Duffy.

(But DUFFY is not there. Another syringe is injected into the IV line, and KATH passes out. Close up of the NURSES and DR. LEV tending to what looks like a relatively cute baby Grey Alien. They are cutting the umbilical cord and using a suction bulb to gently remove the mucous plugs from it's little flat nose. They don't seem the least bit surprised or worried about the odd "condition" of the newborn.)



(Close-up of and ultrasound image of a baby. Camera pans up to show that it is for Dana Scully. The doctor's name is Parenti. SCULLY, dressed all in black, looks up from the ultrasound. She is in her bedroom. The haunting melody we now know as "Scully's Theme" is playing. She turns to look at her profile in the closet mirror and rests her hand on her barely protruding abdomen. Her lips and chin quiver. She is on the verge of tears, but looks up at the ceiling, takes a breath and sighs.)


(X-Files office. Scully enters, removing her coat as she walks toward MULDER's empty desk. Men's voices. She is surprised to see DOGGETT sitting at his desk in the corner talking to the man from the teaser, DUFFY HASKELL.)

DOGGETT: Agent Scully...


(DUFFY HASKELL stands quickly and nervously. He looks at SCULLY in what seems like awe.) [CARRIK: Well, at least someone on the show understands the Divinity that is St. Scully! CARRIK'S HUSBAND: Nah, he just thinks she's hot.]


SCULLY: I'm sorry, Agent Doggett, I didn't realize that you had an appointment.

DOGGETT: This is Duffy Haskell. He says he knows you or you know him.

(SCULLY does not recognize him at all.)

SCULLY: I'm sorry. I don't remember.

(She shakes his hand.)

DUFFY HASKELL: I contacted you about my wife About eight years ago because she was an alien abductee.

SCULLY: That was before my time here. But, uh, is there something I can help you with?

(SCULLY walks around behind MULDER's desk.)

DUFFY HASKELL: (urgently) She's dead. My wife is dead now. They killed her. Kath-- my wife.

DOGGETT: I checked the files. Mr. Haskell wrote several letters to Agent Mulder describing his wife's abduction experiences.

DUFFY HASKELL: My wife gave birth to an alien.

SCULLY: I-I thought you said that your wife was murdered.

DUFFY HASKELL: That's the reason they did it.

SCULLY: Ooo-kay, Mr. Haskell. Why don't you, uh, start from the beginning.

(DOGGETT watches SCULLY as she slowly sits in MULDER's chair. DUFFY HASKELL sits across from her.)

DUFFY HASKELL: Kath was a multiple abductee. The aliens did these procedures on her. Tests and whatnot. One procedure would give her cancer while another one would cure her. Stuff like that. For years, you see. And then, this year, they came right into our bedroom and implanted an alien embryo in Kath.

(SCULLY is not comfortable listening to this.)

SCULLY: I don't suppose that you have any, uh, medical proof of this.

(He hands her an envelope containing an ultrasound for Kath McCready. The envelope is labeled "Zeus Genetics Germantown, Maryland 1-800-555-0100.")

DUFFY HASKELL: I have an ultrasound here. Anyone with a trained eye can see that is a bizarre pregnancy. Especially for a woman who was never supposed to be able to conceive. I doubt you'd ever get the doctors to cop to any of that.

SCULLY: What doctors?

DUFFY HASKELL: We've been through three sets. They're all in on it. They're all in cahoots.

SCULLY: So you're... saying that it was the doctors that killed your wife?

DUFFY HASKELL: And stole the alien baby. That ultrasound is proof.

(SCULLY looks at DOGGETT.)

SCULLY: Do you, uh... have all the information and numbers and a way that we can reach Mr. Haskell?

(DOGGETT nods and holds up a notepad. SCULLY turns back to DUFFY HASKELL.)

SCULLY: Uh, we'll be in touch.

DUFFY HASKELL: Thank you. Thank you very much.

(DUFFY HASKELL leaves. SCULLY turns to DOGGETT. She is not pleased.)

SCULLY: Thank you, Agent Doggett. I'm sure the rest of my afternoon can't possibly be so amusing.

DOGGETT: I thought you'd find it interesting, actually.

SCULLY: Interesting? As in preposterous and outrageous?

DOGGETT: Well, unless I'm mistaken you already knew that man's story. (pause) The abduction the tests, a bout with cancer then a remission.

SCULLY: What exactly are you getting at?

DOGGETT: That's your story, Agent Scully. I'd say right down to a tee.

(SCULLY just stares at him.)

DOGGETT: I mean, except for the pregnancy. It's all right there in the X-Files.

(SCULLY silently looks over at the file cabinets, then back to the room at large. She seems angry, but quietly controlled.

SCULLY: Well, I appreciate your thoroughness, Agent Doggett, and your familiarity with the X-Files cases in those cabinets, but my personal files are my personal files. Okay?

DOGGETT: Sure, of course.

(SCULLY leaves the office with the ultrasound. DOGGETT sighs, exasperated, and tosses a pencil onto the desk. Out in the hall, SCULLY gets into the elevator and watches the doors slide shut. Camera pans around to the closed doors. The doors open again, this time on an upper floor. MULDER turns and looks at her in relieved surprise. He is wearing a suit and his FBI badge.)

MULDER: There you are. I've been looking all over for you.

(He gets into the elevator with her. SCULLY is now dressed differently and her hair is flatter. We now realize that this is a flashback. The elevator doors close again.)

SCULLY: Hi. Um, I'm sorry. I had a doctor's appointment and, um, I don't know, I guess time just got away from me.

(She is having trouble meeting his eyes. MULDER is concerned, but trying not to press too hard.)

MULDER: Is anything the matter?

SCULLY: Nothing. No, I just, uh... I went for a walk.

MULDER: Mmm. Then what's wrong?

(SCULLY sighs.)

SCULLY: I'm... I'm sorry I haven't told you. I don't know why I haven't. I mean, you were always there for me during my illness but, um...

(Pause. MULDER leans into her and speaks softly with a small smile.)

MULDER: Don't make me guess.

SCULLY: I was left unable to conceive with whatever test that they did on me. And I am not ready to accept that I will never have children.

(MULDER looks down as the elevator dings and the doors open into the basement. He walks out, then turns back to the elevator.)

MULDER: Scully, there's, um, there's something I haven't told you either and I hope you, uh, forgive me and understand why I would have kept it from you.


MULDER: During my investigation into your illness I found out the reason why you were left barren. Your ova were taken from you and stored in a government lab.


(SCULLY is looking at him in shock. The elevator doors begin to close, but she puts up her hand to stop them.)

SCULLY: You found them?

MULDER: I-I took them directly to a specialist who would tell me if they were okay.

SCULLY: I don't believe this.

MULDER: Scully, you were deathly ill, and I... I couldn't bear to give you another piece of bad news.

(SCULLY looks at him, hurt.)

SCULLY: Is that what it was? It was bad news?

MULDER: The doctor said that the ova weren't viable.

SCULLY: I want a second opinion.

(She presses the button and the doors start to close. MULDER reaches out with both hands and keeps them from closing. They look at each other. SCULLY gives a short nod, "Well?" Reluctantly, MULDER lets the doors close. The doors reopen onto the basement hallway. DOGGETT is standing there. SCULLY is standing in the elevator, lost in thought, the Zeus Genetics ultrasound in hand. We are present day again.)

DOGGETT: Agent Scully? What are you doing?

SCULLY: Um, I don't know. I guess I just forgot to push the button.

(She reaches over to the panel and pushes the button. The doors start to close, but DOGGETT reaches out and holds them open.)

DOGGETT: I wasn't exactly clear on what you wanted to do about this guy Haskell. About his wife's story.

SCULLY: There's nothing to do.

(DOGGETT nods, glances down at the envelope in her hand, and allows the doors to close.)


(SCULLY enters what looks like a doctor's office waiting room. Housekeeper's nightmare. Everything is white, including the Macintosh flatscreen monitors on the white desk. Sofas, chairs, carpet, everything.)

SCULLY: Hello. Is anybody here?

(No one is in the front part of the office, but SCULLY goes to the door leading to the examination room area of the office. She hears voices. She knocks and opens the door and enters. The hall is as white as the rest of the office. A WOMAN sounds frightened. A MAN is trying to calm her.)

WOMAN'S VOICE: This is my baby. I have to know...

DR. LEV: Ms. Hendershot, try to stay calm. I'm doing all I can....

(SCULLY walks toward the room where she hears the voices. She peeps through the door window. DR. LEV and a NURSE are trying to calm MRS. HENDERSHOT, very pregnant. MRS. HENDERSHOT is hysterical.)

MRS. HENDERSHOT: No, listen to me. You don't know, you don't know.

DR. LEV: Just try and stay calm. There are no similarities between your baby and the others.

MRS. HENDERSHOT: How can you say that? You don't know that.

DR. LEV: Because I know both cases. Try to keep her as calm as possible. I'm going to get another doctor.

MRS. HENDERSHOT: No, no, I'm not staying here. I'm not staying here.

(MRS. HENDERSHOT is about to cry. Her voice is weak as she is probably drugged. DR. LEV starts for the door. SCULLY quickly moves away and enters another room and closes the door. She turns on the light, then turns in shock to see the walls covered in shelves containing jars of odd looking foetuses. As SCULLY steps closer to examine them, the door opens and DR. LEV enters.)

DR. LEV: Who are you? What are you doing here?

SCULLY: I'm, um, I'm here with my friend.

DR. LEV: You're here with Ms. Hendershot?

SCULLY: Yes. I'm worried about her.

DR. LEV: Ms. Hendershot is fine. But you'll have to wait up front, please. You can't be back here.

(SCULLY nods and walks out of the room. DR. LEV watches her intently as she passes him.)


(SCULLY enters her apartment and locks the door. She looks up Dr. Parenti's number on her laptop address book and dials her phone. "625 Oakhurst Ave. College Park, MD 20740 240-555-0125, fax 240-555-0187.")

SEFVICE: (voice, on phone) Parenti Medical Group.

SCULLY: (on phone) Yes, I want to speak to Dr. Parenti, please.

SEFVICE: (voice, on phone) This is his service. I can reach him if it's an emergency.

SCULLY: (on phone) Yes, it is. It's Dana Scully.

(SCULLY compares her ultrasound with the one she got from DUFFY HASKELL. They look the same. Phone clicks.)

DR. PARENTI: (on phone) Dana? What's wrong?

SCULLY: (on phone) I'm afraid.

DR. PARENTI: (on phone) Tell me what it is.

SCULLY: (on phone) I want you to look at something for me. Right away. It's an ultrasound.

DR. PARENTI: (on phone) Well, I'm not in my office right now. Can you send it over there? I'll look at it as soon as possible.

SCULLY: (on phone) I want you to compare it to mine.

DR. PARENTI: (on phone) Dana... are you going to be okay?

SCULLY: (on phone) Yes. Fine, I'm... I'm okay.

DR. PARENTI: (on phone) All right, I'll get back to you, Dana.

SCULLY: (on phone) Thank you.

(As DR. PARENTI hangs up, we see that he is in the room with the jars of foetus. He walks over to a table and carefully unwraps the small body of the alien baby we saw delivered in the teaser. It is dead.)


(Flashback. SCULLY, flat-haired, is sitting in DR. PARENTI's waiting room. DR. PARENTI opens the door. He is smiling.)

DR. PARENTI: Ms. Scully? Got a good report for you. I've looked at the ova you've given me and consulted with some of my colleagues. We all feel that with the proper approach we might be successful. Got a good chance to get you pregnant.

(SCULLY is overwhelmed.)

SCULLY: Oh... It's too good to be true.

DR. PARENTI: I don't want to lay odds but it's not out of the realm of possibility if we start soon.

(SCULLY looks up at him in amazement.)

SCULLY: We can start right away?

DR. PARENTI: Well, you need a father, of course. I can get you genetic counseling on finding an anonymous donor if that's what you want... unless you already have someone in mind.

SCULLY: Yeah... I, uh... I just have to figure out how to ask him.

(Present day. Floofy hair. SCULLY is sitting in DR. PARENTI's waiting room. He opens the door.)

DR. PARENTI: Dana? You want to come on back?

(She joins him in the back area of the office.)

SCULLY: What did you find?

DR. PARENTI: I looked at this ultrasound you sent me and... I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing but it looks fine to me. As does your own ultrasound.

SCULLY: You didn't see anything strange?

DR. PARENTI: Why do you ask that?

SCULLY: I just want to be sure. I've had... complications.

DR. PARENTI: It's normal to be worried.

SCULLY: Okay. Thank you.

DR. PARENTI: You bet.

(SCULLY goes back out into the waiting room.)

DR. PARENTI: Your only concern right now is when you're going to tell the FBI. Can't keep it a secret forever, Dana. You're going to start showing soon.

(He smiles at her affectionately.)

SCULLY: Right.

(She looks cutely embarrassed as she heads on out of the office.)


(X-Files office. SCULLY enters. DOGGETT is on the phone.)

DOGGETT: (on phone) Okay, got it. Thanks.

(He hangs up.)

DOGGETT: Agent Scully, I just got a call from a Dr. Parenti's office. About an ultrasound you left there this morning.

(His tone is accusing. SCULLY is defensive. She heads for MULDER's desk.)

SCULLY: Dr. Parenti is my doctor.

DOGGETT: Come on, Agent Scully.

SCULLY: You don't believe me?

DOGGETT: That ultrasound is the one Duffy Haskell left here yesterday. Dr. Parenti is one of the doctors he consulted with during the course of that pregnancy.

SCULLY: Excuse me, Agent Doggett, but are you investigating me?

DOGGETT: No, I was doing a background check on Mr. And Mrs. Haskell before I dropped the case, like you asked me to do.

SCULLY: No, I didn't ask you to drop the case. I said there was nothing to do.

(She opens one of the drawers in MULDER's desk, rummages, and closes it.)

DOGGETT: Well, if there's nothing to do, then why are you investigating?

SCULLY: You are jumping to conclusions.

DOGGETT: No, I'm just trying to do my job, only it gets hard to do if the person you're working with is keeping secrets and telling lies.

SCULLY: I am not investigating these people, Agent Doggett. Parenti is my doctor. Is that so strange? Is there something about him I don't know?

DOGGETT: No. But Duffy Haskell is a piece of work. I'll tell you that much.


(SKINNER's office. SCULLY and DOGGETT are there with DUFFY HASKELL. DUFFY HASKELL is frustrated and angry.)

DUFFY HASKELL: What am I being accused of? What did you call me in here for? You were going to help me.

(SKINNER is "in control." He has a file on his desk.)

SKINNER: As president of the Ohio Mutual UFO Network you sent Agent Mulder a series of very threatening letters which he passed on to me, Mr. Haskell. Something of a habit with you, sir. Writing letters... threatening letters. Isn't it?

DUFFY HASKELL: No one will believe me.

DOGGETT: You wrote a letter to a Dr. Lev saying you would kill him if he hurt your wife.

DUFFY HASKELL: Dr. Lev killed my wife. He stole the alien baby out of her womb.

DOGGETT: Well, I can't find any documentation that the two of you were even married, Mr. Haskell. Let alone any history or evidence of foul play. Dr. Lev is a serious physician, a leader in the field of birth defects. His peers hold him in the highest regard. Why would he ever kill your wife?

DUFFY HASKELL: That's why I came to you.

SKINNER: Mr. Haskell, allegations aside, it's a crime to threaten anyone.


DUFFY HASKELL: You believe me, don't you?

(SCULLY just looks at him.)

SKINNER: Mr. Haskell, we're sorry for your loss, but if you persist in these threats and in disseminating these stories we're going to have to enter your name in the federal system as a dangerous individual.

DUFFY HASKELL: (standing) I'm alone now because of them. They took everything from me.

(He turns and looks at SCULLY.)

DUFFY HASKELL: And there are other women out there just like Kath.

(DUFFY HASKELL leaves the office. SKINNER and DOGGETT both look at SCULLY.)

(In the hall, DUFFY HASKELL enters the elevator. He no longer seems upset or nervous. As the door close, he takes out his super-elevator proof-cell phone and dials.)

DR. LEV: (on phone, voice) Zeus Genetics, Dr. Lev speaking.

DUFFY HASKELL: (on phone) They called me back here to the FBI to poke holes in my story.

DR. LEV: (on phone) As we knew they would.

DUFFY HASKELL: (on phone) We still risk losing Hendershot.

DR. LEV: (on phone) Then it's time to let her go.

(DUFFY HASKELL hangs up. We see reflected in DR. LEV's surgical goggles the image of the alien baby. It has been thoroughly autopsied.)


(SCULLY enters her apartment. It is late afternoon, and she is tired. She closes the door and rests her hand on her stomach. The camera pans back to the door. There is a knock at the door. SCULLY's hand, now in a white blouse sleeve, reaches to open it. It is MULDER. This is another flashback. They both seem a little nervous and uncomfortable with each other.)



SCULLY: Come on in.

MULDER: Thanks.

(She closes the door behind him.)

SCULLY: Can I take your coat?

MULDER: No, I can't stay. I gotta get back to the office for a while.

SCULLY: Obviously you've had some time to think about my request.

MULDER: Um, it's... it's not something that I get asked to do every day. Um, but I am absolutely flattered.

(SCULLY looks embarrassed.)

MULDER: No, honestly.

SCULLY: Okay, if... if you're trying to politely say "no," it's okay. I, I understand.

(She avoids his eyes.)

MULDER: See what's weird is... this sounds, and this sounds really weird, I know, but I, I just wouldn't want this to come between us.

(SCULLY is devastated, but tries to cover it up.)

SCULLY: Yeah. I know... I, I understand. I do.

(Realizing that she has misunderstood, MULDER reaches out as if to stroke her cheek, but pulls back.)

MULDER: Well ... the answer is "yes."

(About 18 emotions cross SCULLY's face in four seconds. She is happy. They smile at each other. She comes into his arms and they hold each other for a moment. Things are still a little awkward as they part.)

SCULLY: Um... Well, I'll call Dr. Parenti and...

(MULDER nods, smiling.)

SCULLY: I assume that he'll want to meet you and go through the, uh, the donor procedure.

MULDER: At that part, I'm a pro.

(They both smile as he shyly leaves her apartment and closes the door. The camera pans back to SCULLY. We are once again present day, she is all in black with floofy hair, holding her stomach. There is another knock at the door. SCULLY opens it. MRS. HENDERSHOT is standing in the doorway, a look of desperation about her. She is also holding her belly.)

MRS. HENDERSHOT: My name is Mary Hendershot. My baby's in danger. So is yours.


(Outside an urban diner, late night. A large manly pickup truck pulls up in front of a small four door, Taurus-like sedan. DOGGETT gets out of the pickup and enters the diner. SCULLY and SKINNER are seated at a table. DOGGETT speaks to the WAITRESS behind the counter.)

DOGGETT: Can I have some coffee-- black, please?


(DOGGETT sits at the table.)

SKINNER: Thanks for getting down here.


(DOGGETT looks over at SCULLY, who looks back at him defensively.)

DOGGETT: You going somewhere?


DOGGETT: Am I missing something here?

[CARRIK: Are you ever, buddy.]

SKINNER: Agent Doggett as Assistant Director in charge of your assignment Agent Scully has come to me and asked to take a leave of absence.

DOGGETT: (sarcastically) Hey, great. Can I ask why?


DOGGETT: So I'm the X-Files now? Just me?

SKINNER: Agent Scully isn't quitting the FBI. She's just going away.

(DOGGETT looks over at SCULLY who avoids his eyes. He looks at SKINNER.)

DOGGETT: Thanks for getting me out of bed to give me the news.

(DOGGETT stands and looks to SCULLY again.)

DOGGETT: Drop me a line if you get a chance.

(Angrily, DOGGETT leaves the diner. SKINNER turns to SCULLY.)

SKINNER: You gotta tell him, Scully.

SCULLY: I can't.

(Outside, DOGGETT is getting ready to get into his truck. SCULLY comes out of the diner.)

SCULLY: Agent Doggett?

(DOGGETT closes the door of the truck and turns back to her.)

SCULLY: I want you to understand.

DOGGETT: What is it you want me to understand, Agent Scully? The secrets or the lies?

SCULLY: I told you... I'm not doing anything behind your back.

DOGGETT: You're supposed to watch my back, Agent Scully.

SCULLY: If I was putting you at risk in any way you can be sure that I wouldn't let you down. I hope you know that. I only know what you tell me.

(SCULLY sighs quietly and looks at SKINNER who has come up behind her protectively.)

SCULLY: I gotta go.

(SCULLY gets into her car. MRS. HENDERSHOT is in the passenger seat. SKINNER joins DOGGETT beside his truck as SCULLY drives away.)

DOGGETT: Who's that... In Agent Scully's car?

SKINNER: That I don't know, Agent Doggett.

(DOGGETT gets in his truck and drives away also.)

5:01 AM

(SCULLY and MRS. HENDERSHOT are greeted by a team of four DOCTORS. Camera activity is odd and creepy, constantly circling the scene.)

DR. MIRYUM: You're Scully? Agent Scully?

SCULLY: Yes, Dana Scully. This is Ms. Hendershot. Mary Hendershot.

MULDER: I'm Dr. Miryum. These are the best team of obstetricians one could hope to assemble. Now you tell them what you told me.

SCULLY: Ms. Hendershot believes that she is carrying a baby that is not her own. That, by whatever means, at 40 weeks she is about to give birth to something inhuman.

FIRST ASSOCIATE: Does she have medical records?

MRS. HENDERSHOT: I can't trust my doctors.

SCULLY: She believes, and with possible good reason, that her life may be in danger. That women just like her have been murdered in childbirth.

SECOND ASSOCIATE: Why? Because it sounds insane.

MRS. HENDERSHOT: These doctors killed a friend of mine because she was on to them. Because she saw too much.

SCULLY: You should know that I'm not just here as an FBI agent.

DR. MIRYUM: Agent Scully is an MD.

FIRST ASSOCIATE: So what is it she's carrying?

SCULLY: That's why we've come to you.

DR. MIRYUM: All right. Let's get Ms. Hendershot prepped and ready.


DR. MIRYUM: You're going to have this baby, Ms. Hendershot. Our big concern right now is you have it safely. Whatever it is in you we'll know in a few hours from now if we induce labour immediately.

(The DOCTORS escort MRS. HENDERSHOT away.)

DR. MIRYUM: How did this woman find you?

SCULLY: A man named Haskell led her to me. His pregnant wife is now dead.

(DR. MIRYUM starts after the others. SCULLY stops her.)

SCULLY: Dr. Miryum... she's not the only woman whose life is in danger.


(X-Files office. DOGGETT is in the back part of the office looking at the ultrasound. He notices that another man, AGENT JOE FARAH, has entered.)

DOGGETT: Agent Farah.

(AGENT JOE FARAH turns in surprise.)

AGENT JOE FARAH: I didn't see you in here, John. What are you doing in the dark?

DOGGETT: I'm in the dark pretty much most of my time on the X-Files, Joe.

AGENT JOE FARAH: Got a little something you may want to shine a light on.

(He holds up a file.)

AGENT JOE FARAH: You had me run this guy Duffy Haskell's prints, right?

DOGGETT: I hate to say that case is closed now, Joe.

AGENT JOE FARAH: From what I found, it's been closed since 1970. When David Haskell, same prints, was buried in a Virginia cemetery-- USMC honor guard ceremony.

DOGGETT: You're kidding.

AGENT JOE FARAH: I kid you not. Looks like you got yourself a real spook.

DOGGETT: Or a snake in the grass.


(Army hospital. MRS. HENDERSHOT is lying on a bed while a NURSE works on her. SCULLY stand next to the bed.)

MRS. HENDERSHOT: How long will this take?

SCULLY: Probably somewhere between four and 12 hours.

MRS. HENDERSHOT: All my life I wanted children. But I'm afraid of what's growing in me. That it even happened.

SCULLY: You mean getting pregnant?

MRS. HENDERSHOT: I had a boyfriend. When I looked at the dates, there was no way. Now I'm sure it was an abduction. I'm sure of what's inside of me.

(SCULLY looks worried. DR. MIRYUM enters.)

DR. MIRYUM: Agent Scully... we're all set for you.


(SCULLY is lying on a bed, her stomach exposed. DR. MIRYUM is preparing to conduct an ultrasound. She inserts a tape into the VCR and presses a button.)

DR. MIRYUM: You ready for this?


DR. MIRYUM: At your stage, the foetus is still only about eight centimetres, but we should still be able to get a pretty clear picture of its development.

(She moves the wand over SCULLY's belly. On the monitor, we see an image of the foetus.)

DR. MIRYUM: There it is. You see it?


DR. MIRYUM: I see two legs, two arms and hands. I see what would appear to be a healthy baby at 14 weeks.

SCULLY: Are you sure?

DR. MIRYUM: The picture doesn't lie, Agent Scully. Hard to tell, but... would you like to know the sex?

SCULLY: I just want to be certain that it's okay.

DR. MIRYUM: We could do an amnio. It's a little early, but we could do it if that's what you want.

(SCULLY nods.)


(Day. Somewhere on Capitol Hill. Camera pans down over an American flag to a tall man, KNOWLE ROHRER, politician extraordinaire, getting out of a chauffeured car. DOGGETT runs up behind him.)

DOGGETT: Knowle... can I talk to you?

KNOWLE ROHRER: John, what are you doing here?

DOGGETT: Your assistant said you were going to get right back to me about this David Haskell fingerprint.

KNOWLE ROHRER: I've got a day job, John. The government gets suspicious if I work at too fast a pace.

DOGGETT: I can't wait, Knowle. Is it the same guy, or not?

(Pause as KNOWLE ROHRER looks around nervously.)

KNOWLE ROHRER: How about we take a walk? How'd you hook up with this guy, anyway?

DOGGETT: The man was in my office, Knowle. Military records show he died in 1970. What the hell's the story?

KNOWLE ROHRER: Possible He's intelligence.

DOGGETT: Doing what? Working for who?

KNOWLE ROHRER: What did he say he wanted?

DOGGETT: He wanted us to investigate the murder of his wife. He claims she was an alien abductee.

(KNOWLE ROHRER stops walking and smiles indulgently. DOGGETT is embarrassed.)

DOGGETT: Look... I don't buy this crap but if the guy's CIA he wasn't just in my office killing time.

KNOWLE ROHRER: Why go to the trouble at all?

DOGGETT: All I can think is that there must be documentation in our files of a conspiracy to hide the truth.

KNOWLE ROHRER: About what, extraterrestrials?

DOGGETT: Look, it's not my work. It's the woman I work with-- an Agent Scully.

KNOWLE ROHRER: John, there's no conspiracy. You and I go back a long time. You know I'll do anything I can for you. Just give me a little more time to find out who this Haskell guy is, okay? By the end of the day.

(KNOWLE ROHRER clasps him on the shoulder, and then walks away.)


(DR. MIRYUM and a NURSE are completing an amnio procedure on SCULLY. This involves a very large bore syringe inserted into the abdomen, and fluid drawn out.)

DR. MIRYUM: I know I don't have to tell you, but you need to take it easy now after the procedure. The baby's at risk if the membrane were to rupture, all right?

SCULLY: Yeah. I just want to know. I'm anxious about the results.

DR. MIRYUM: Well, we're hoping Mrs. Hendershot will deliver in the next few hours. You're our next priority.

(DR. MIRYUM and the NURSE exit. SCULLY looks over at the VCR. The readout indicates that the machine is playing, not recording. SCULLY reaches over and stops the tape then ejects it. The label on the side indicates that it is for "Nancy Maxwell 11-20- 00." SCULLY is clearly concerned.)

(CUT TO: SCULLY enters MRS. HENDERSHOT's room. She speaks quietly and urgently.)

SCULLY: Ms. Hendershot... you have to get up.

(Both women look very weak and tired.)

SCULLY: I have to get you out of here.

8:25 PM

(SKINNER's office. DOGGETT gets out of the elevator and enters the office as SKINNER is getting ready to leave for the day.)

SKINNER: Agent Doggett, what is it?

DOGGETT: Scully-- do you know where she is? How to alert her right away?

SKINNER: To what?

DOGGETT: I think she's been misled. We all have by this man,Haskell.

SKINNER: You think or you know?

DOGGETT: I can't get a straight answer on that which leads me to believe that this was a setup from the start-- that this guy Haskell came to us with his story to get Agent Scully to go wherever she's gone.

SKINNER: I can tell you that she's in a safe place, Agent Doggett. A hospital.

DOGGETT: What hospital?

(SKINNER won't answer.)

DOGGETT: Look, this involves doctors. Doctors who may have killed pregnant women. Now, a hospital could be the worst place in the world for her. Tell me where Scully is.

SKINNER: Walden-Freedman Army Hospital.

DOGGETT: Get on the phone to security there. Tell them everything I told you.


(Hospital. SECURITY OFFICER answers the phone.)


(SCULLY walks MRS. HENDERSHOT to an elevator and looks at her with concern.)

SCULLY: Can you do this?

(MRS. HENDERSHOT nods bravely.)

(DR. MIRYUM calls down to the SECURITY OFFICER.)

DR. MIRYUM: We've got two patients missing

(Elevator opens on SCULLY and MRS. HENDERSHOT. KNOWLES ROHRER is waiting for them with a team of men in black fatigues.).

KNOWLE ROHRER: I need you to follow us. I'm a friend of John Doggett's.

(They put MRS. HENDERSHOT into a black SUV.)

SCULLY: Who are you?

KNOWLE ROHRER: That's not important. Get in the car. We're going to get you out. Go.

(SCULLY and KNOWLE ROHRER also get into the SUV.)

SCULLY: This woman could give birth at any minute. I hope you realize that.

KNOWLE ROHRER: You're in good hands. These men are experienced field medics.

SCULLY: Where are you taking us?

KNOWLE ROHRER: We're going to get you to the closest hospital where we can make sure this kid is born safe.

(SCULLY is in pain.)


KNOWLE ROHRER: Are you going to make it?

SCULLY: Yeah, I just... just had a procedure. I shouldn't even be on my feet.

(Sound of sirens. Several military vehicles with plashing lights are approaching.)

KNOWLE ROHRER: Who the hell is this? Get off this road, now.

MRS. HENDERSHOT: (labour beginning) Oh!!

SCULLY: Mrs. Hendershot?

(The military vehicles pass them. MRS. HENDERSHOT is gasping.)

MRS. HENDERSHOT: I think it's coming.

SCULLY: We have to stop this car.

KNOWLE ROHRER: Not until it's safe.

SCULLY: If you don't stop this car you could be endangering her life.

KNOWLE ROHRER: Stop the car.

(The car, headlights off, pulls off the road. The MEDICS get MRS. HENDERSHOT out of the SUV and lead her to the open back of the vehicle.)

MEDIC: Just relax, ma'am.

(SCULLY starts to go to MRS. HENDERSHOT's side. KNOWLE ROHRER physically restrains her.)

SCULLY: What are you doing?

KNOWLES ROHRER: Making sure you don't hurt yourself, Agent Scully.

SCULLY: I'm fine. Let go of me.

KNOWLES ROHRER: It's for your own good.

SCULLY: Who are you?

SCULLY: Ms. Hendershot...

(MRS. HENDERSHOT screams. SCULLY again tries to go to her, but KNOWLES ROHRER restrains her.)


KNOWLES ROHRER: Agent Scully... we're going to have to sedate you.


(Another MEDIC injects a syringe into SCULLY's arm. She relaxes.)

KNOWLES ROHRER: Get in the car.


(Through a drugged haze, SCULLY sees the MEDICS hold up an eerily mewling deformed alien baby. She passes out.)


(SCULLY groggily wakes up in a hospital room. A heart monitor is beeping. DOGGETT is sitting next to her.)

SCULLY: Agent Doggett?

DOGGETT: Agent Scully.

SCULLY: What are you doing here? What am I doing back in this place?

DOGGETT: Lie down, Agent Scully. You're not taking any more chances.

SCULLY: What happened to me?

DOGGETT: You're okay. You're fine. And your baby's fine.

(SCULLY relaxes.)

DOGGETT: But you're very, very lucky.

SCULLY: What about Ms. Hendershot?

DOGGETT: She's resting fine, too.

SCULLY: What about her baby?

DOGGETT: Six pounds, eight ounces. A boy.

SCULLY: Oh, my god. They switched it. Agent Doggett, they switched it on her.

DOGGETT: It's over, Agent Scully.

SCULLY: No, it's not. We can prove this.

DOGGETT: We can't prove anything. They say you overreacted to everything. They say you overreacted to fears you had about Ms. Hendershot's pregnancy, to the fears you had about your own.

SCULLY: They showed me a tape of another woman's womb.

DOGGETT: They say it's your baby just taped onto an old cassette.

SCULLY: Well, then who were those men?

DOGGETT: They acted off information that came from me. They say they saved your life. How can I question that, standing here?

SCULLY: It was all planned. You know that. From the moment that man walked into our office. we were used to get at Ms. Hendershot's baby. And now we are being used to cover it up. Oh, my God.

DOGGETT: At least you're okay. Why didn't you tell me?

SCULLY: I was afraid. Afraid that they'd use it against me to take me off the X-Files so that I couldn't find Mulder.

(She is on the verge of tears. DOGGETT grasps her shoulder.)

DOGGETT: I told you I'd help you. I said we'd find him.

(He leaves. SCULLY remembers.)


(Flashback. SCULLY enters her dark apartment. MULDER wakes up from where he has been sleeping on her couch.)

MULDER: Scully? I must have dozed off. I was waiting for you to get back.

(He looks at her sad face.)

MULDER: It didn't take, did it?

(She doesn't correct him.)

SCULLY: I guess it was too much to hope for.

(He opens his arms for her. She walks into them and lets him hold her. She sobs.)

SCULLY: It was my last chance.

(He holds her tightly, then kisses her on the forehead. He presses his forehead against hers.)

MULDER: Never give up on a miracle.

(She kisses his cheek and neck, then embraces him again. Cut to: SCULLY still in the hospital holding her pillow. Her hand drifts down to her belly.)


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